Tamara Comolli

German designer Tamara Comolli grew up in Spain, France and Germany. She founded her brand in 1992, eventually receiving the De Beers Award in 2004.


Her very colourful collections are inspired by elements of nature. In particular, Tamara Comolli plays with water, a recurring theme of her lines, and the drop, which has become the Company’s distinctive icon.


Tamara has a predilection for rare stones of different cuts and colours, best embodied by her Mikado collection: more than thirty cabochon-cut gems shine in a myriad of colours, showcasing the unmistakable shape of an acorn.


Tamara Comolli: versatile and contemporary jewels


The brand proposes jewels with contemporary and versatile lines, which cater to the female universe, redefining the meaning of a precious object. Wearing a Tamara Comolli jewel means becoming part of a sophisticated yet ethereal world. It means donning luminous gems and precious materials in a playful yet discreet way.


Tamara Comolli dedicates all her creations to women, whose beauty is her source of inspiration and smiles her best reward.

Every single piece is handmade: even the smallest details are carefully studied.


The history of the Tamara Comolli Atelier is made of colour and ambitious forms that fit into a contemporary context and are perfect for any occasion.


Tamara Comolli in Milan, at Pisa Orologeria


Pisa Orologeria is the official retailer of Tamara Comolli jewels in Milan. In the Via Verri 7 Flagship Store, you can find all the collections: from rings to necklaces, from bracelets to earrings. The jewellery store in Milan is ready to meet the needs of distinction and elegance of its clientele, also thanks to its attentive and dedicated after-sales service.


Tamara Comolli’s world is a kaleidoscope of harmony and perfection. Wearing one of her creations will make you shine.