Pisa Diamanti

Everything stems from the determination of Maristella and Chiara Pisa to capture within a line of jewels the values and vision that have always inspired their family company. This is how the Pisa Diamanti collection came into being, becoming in less than no time a high-end jewellery brand, where femininity is expressed in all its essence.


In this spirit, Pisa Orologeria has conceived of a jewellery collection with intentionally minimalist frames, to enhance what makes jewels truly precious and unique: the gem.


Tennis bracelets, solitaires, earrings and light-catching pendants convey quintessential classic and timeless aesthetic standards, to which is added the quirk of a claw in the shape of a hand, embellished with a diamond setting.


Pisa Diamanti: the art of femininity


From diamond rings, to trilogies and solitaries: Pisa Diamanti is ready to listen to every woman’s needs, making them come true. The art captured in each precious piece reflects the soul of the Milan-based brand. Attention to quality, elegance and simplicity are the sources of inspiration for every creation, yielding a continuous aesthetic search that finds its maximum expression in a jewel to wear on any occasion.


Diamond rings in Milan, at Pisa Orologeria


Pisa Orologeria is the official distributor of the Pisa Diamanti jewels in Milan. In the Flagship Store on Via Verri 7, you can find the entire collection of precious items, created by skilful artisan hands. Dazzling jewels that enhance and pay tribute to feminine beauty. It is a triumph of gems and endless elegance that every woman can experience every day.


High-End Jewellery in Milan is “Pisa Diamanti”.