In 1858, Frèdèric Boucheron, an ambitious pioneer, opened his own boutique in the Galerie de Valois, at the Palais-Royal. His brand quickly achieved great success, becoming a point of reference for contemporary Parisian clientele. In 1893, Boucheron became the first high-end jewellery house of the City of Light, establishing its headquarters at building 26, on Place Vendôme, the beating heart of luxury shopping, where it is still located today.

Boucheron creations are like small works of art

Each collection is inspired by the brand’s values and history, celebrating a constantly evolving modernity. For its collections, Boucheron has always paid great attention to the selection of materials: precious stones and exotic elements, lapis lazuli, corals and hematite. The Boucheron collections of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are unique: from the Boucheron “Macaron” rings to those of the Quatre collections, all pieces are akin to small works of art.

The jewels seemingly “come to life” at the hands of skilful craftsmen and precious workmanship. Having a Boucheron ring on your finger is much more than owning a one-of-a-kind jewel: it means feeling a timeless experience made of tradition and passion.

Each creation embodies the excellence of stones exquisitely carved in their settings, capturing light and crystallising emotions. Each piece is more than just a jewel: it is the celebration of women and their inner beauty and grace. Boucheron has been the embodiment of excellence in fine jewellery for over 160 years. And every year, it renews itself with pieces that seep into the soul, resting there for eternity.

Boucheron Collections in Milan

In Flagship Store at Via Verri, in Milan, Pisa Orologeria offers its discerning customers and their pursuit of elegance and distinction a wide selection of masterpieces of the Boucheron House of Jewellery: rings, bracelets, earrings and precious stones.

For all lovers of beautiful things, who do not want to go unnoticed and seek recognition through a piece of history, Pisa Orologeria is the point of reference for Boucheron creations in Milan. It is a story that has been illuminating and enhancing women in all their beauty since 1858.