5月 2023

Gifts of refinement: luxury watches to surprise her

A watch is one of the most elegant and refined accessories a person can wear, and luxury models are true masterpieces of craftsmanship and design. If you are looking for a gift that is both luxurious and intimate to surprise a special woman in your life, a high-end watch may be the perfect choice.

‘I would like to have a unique model that stands out’. This phrase was uttered to Mr. Pisa by Joan Crawford, one of the most famous actresses of Hollywood’s golden age, when she visited Milan and the PISA boutique. Certainly, owning a unique and personal watch model is a desire of many women when they think about what to give themselves, or be given, for a special event.
Watchmaking, with its wide range of products, satisfies all the desires of women according to the style requirements of their lives.

The inimitable luxury of the Maison Chopard: women's watches between dynamism and elegance

Everyday life is dynamic and, often, lived in different cities at different speeds.
To impress, therefore, a woman who loves a dynamic and cosmopolitan life, the Happy Sport model is the right one to wear.
This model from the Maison Chopard is a sporty timepiece based on a unique and explosive combination: steel and diamonds for unprecedented audacity.
It soon became an emblem of the Maison, and over the years has adapted to the needs of the
women who choose it. In fact, the case of the diamond watch has been redesigned
for women’s wrists and the self-winding manufacture movement.
The watch is a living element that marks the wearer’s time and punctuates his or her
present and future life. That is why it is one of the gifts that should be studied well before wearing it. Like a tailored blazer: perfect and never out of place. Often containing important memories, the watch is like a piece of jewellery: it can seal a promise or celebrate an important birthday.

The harmony of passing time: the matching ladies' watch by Baume & Mercier

If you like the idea of having a watch to match the woman who accompanies you in your daily life, a Riviera model from the Baume & Mercier brand is a timepiece with character for a strong personality.

This Maison also approached the needs of the female world in 2022.
Baume & Mercier has unveiled two new ultra-feminine versions of the Riviera, each with an elegant 33 mm diameter, equipped with a ‘Swiss Made’ self-winding movement
and an integrated interchangeable steel bracelet.
The version we are proposing in this article is the Riviera 10675 model adorned with a pink dial and accompanied by a metal bracelet that gives it a luminous look and makes it suitable for wearing in the office, as well as at a romantic dinner party.

The enchantment of the Maison Vacheron Constantin: women's watches through time

Like fashion, watchmaking also has its ‘Haute Couture’ line. One of the Couturiers of the dream dress is certainly the Maison Vacheron Costantin.
The savoir-faire of the Maison Vacheron Constantin is manifested in the creation of ladies’ watches and dates back to the early 19th century. Year after year, these creations have established their style with a bold and elegant design.
Resulting from the unmistakable skill of the Manufacture’s craftsmen, the Maison’s collections pay tribute to contemporary, value-conscious women in a wide range of styles and models.

Between Haute Horlogerie and Haute Couture comes Égérie: the new collection dedicated to women

Égérie is the new collection from Vacheron Constantin, entirely inspired by and dedicated to the female gender.
The distinctive touch of the collection is the bold off-centre dial, created by intertwining two circles with a touch of poetry, offering a reading of the lunar cycle in a starry sky with mother-of-pearl clouds.
Just like a dress, a watch is the wearer’s second skin and therefore needs to be brushed on. This model is perfect for a woman, a mother who knows that time is important to take care of those she loves. A true fusion of luxury and sophistication, to make every moment precious.
To find out which model best suits the woman you have in mind, we are waiting for you in the Vacheron Constantin boutique in Milan.

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