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7月 2021

Top 5 watch books for horology lovers

For enthusiasts, watchmakers, collectors, restorers, and those just starting out in the watchmaking world: there is a book about watches for everyone. In the richest, largest libraries, you can find dozens of books about watches, small and big, new and old, filled with words and photos. The number of books about watches, by the way, is just another confirmation – if even necessary – of the worldwide fascination with quality timepieces.

So today, we would like to list some interesting books about luxury watches – and many more – on the market. We will focus on both collectors and enthusiasts who possess certain knowledge of the field, and on those just starting to take an interest in this fascinating world.

Books and watches: a list of the best books about wristwatches and many more

  • The Vintage Rolex Field Guide: let’s start with a book about Rolex watches, authored by someone who calls themself Morningtundra. A precious resource for those who want to deepen their knowledge about the world of Rolexes, this esteemed watchmaking book – written in English – focuses on the brand’s vintage models in particular, while not overlooking the most current Rolex watches made in the eighties and later.
  • The Mastery of Time: a completely different book about watches, written by Dominique Fléchon and available in English. It recounts the history of measuring time. In his work, watchmaking is considered an art and a science at the same time, starting with observing the stars and going up to the invention of mechanical, electronic, and atomic watches.
  • Orologi da polso: tutti gli esemplari che fanno la storia (“Wristwatches: All the Models That Make History”): written by Paolo de Vecchi, this volume is dedicated to the most prestigious models of wristwatches. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, and so on – all the models that have defined an era are introduced here, with the history and style of over fifty international watch brands. This is a unique reference point for enthusiasts.
Top 5 watch books for horology lovers
Top 5 watch books for horology lovers

  • Rare Watches: Explore the World’s Most Exquisite Timepieces: a book about watches with nods to collectors. Written by Paul Miquel, this essay features more than 50 models of wristwatches, with a selection of the rarest and most sought-after pieces in the world.
  • Patek Philippe in America: as the title suggests, this book about watches focuses on the Patek Philippe brand, and it delightfully recounts how this brand has become so important in the watch industry. We should highlight the fact that this book is followed by two other volumes, one focusing on men’s watches and the other on women’s watches.

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