Alberto Garzoli
Jewellery Advisor
3月 2022

The tennis bracelet: history and characteristics of an iconic piece of jewellery

Always present in the world of jewellery, one can date the birth of the tennis bracelet to around the 1920s, when it was still called by its original name, Eternity Bracelet. In those years it was often worn together with other identical bracelets giving the idea of having a very special piece of jewellery. The exploit of this simple but elegant piece of jewellery was the 1987 Open Tennis Championship. During the competition, tennis player Chris Evert lost her bracelet and the match was interrupted until it was found. From this moment on, the bracelet changed its name from Eternity Bracelet to Tennis Bracelet and became the highlight of the ladies’ jewellery box, and also of those gentlemen who see in its simplicity an understated beauty.

Tennis bracelet: materials and composition

The Tennis bracelet is made up of a row of brilliant-cut white diamonds set in white gold or platinum which, when closed, appears as a continuous, uninterrupted line. This jewel is an example of goldsmith’s craftsmanship and great experience, both in the construction of the frame and in the setting of the gems, which must be as homogeneous as possible in order to give the eyes an idea of continuity.

Tennis bracelet for men and women: a classic yet versatile piece of jewellery

Elegant, sporty, simple but never banal, the tennis bracelet has become a transversal piece of jewellery suitable for everyone’s wrist. While the bracelet originally consisted of white brilliant-cut diamonds, over the years versions have been created with different gems such as black diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, to name but a few. The secret of the tennis bracelet lies in the possibility of using different types of gemstones, making it versatile and suitable for any occasion.

How to wear a tennis bracelet

When made up of diamonds alone, especially if they are large, the tennis bracelet is considered an evening jewel, but if it is made with coloured sapphires, for example, it can also be worn casually during daily life or while practising sport. Pisa Diamanti‘s tennis bracelets develop the concept of sportsmanship: through the combination of gems of different colours, fans can recognise the colours of their favourite team.

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