4月 2023

The most beautiful day: how to choose the perfect engagement ring

Models and types of jewellery to seal a special union
The engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery: it is a promise of eternal love, the culmination of a lifelong dream. The gift of the ring seals the fateful marriage proposal, a unique and emotional moment, destined to become an indelible memory in the minds and hearts of the couple.
More than any other precious item, the high jewellery promise ring is designed to surprise, enchant and go beyond fashion thanks to the beauty and quality of the workmanship and the rigorous cut of the gems. It is a gift loaded with meaning and, therefore, must be chosen with care.

The marriage proposal: which ring to give to impress

Among the best engagement rings, the most iconic – and undoubtedly the most coveted – is the diamond engagement ring.
Unbreakable, a symbol of light, purity and perfection, the diamond so hailed even by the immense Marilyn can come in different cuts: brilliant, emerald, heart, oval, marquise are designed to give sparkles and enchanting plays of light.

The most suitable types of engagement rings with diamonds or other precious stones for the perfect marriage proposal are:

  • The solitaire: the engagement ring par excellence. The classic version is in white gold or platinum with a single star diamond, brilliant or emerald cut.
  • The trilogy ring: composed of 3 gems, it symbolises the love that from the past endures in the present and will continue into the future.
  • emerald, ruby or sapphire engagement ring set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

The choice may be dictated by the taste of the person who will receive it as a gift or by the particular meanings attached to each of these three stones: harmony, longevity or creativity. The ideal precious metal for an engagement ring is white gold, but platinum is an equally refined and non-trivial choice.
The cost of a wedding proposal ring varies according to several factors: model, carat, clarity of the diamonds and cut proportions of the stone. When choosing this precious piece of jewellery, it is advisable to be accompanied by a competent jeweller: his knowledge will guide you towards the most suitable decision, both in terms of budget and taste.

A promise on your finger: where the engagement ring is worn

In Italian tradition, the place for the engagement ring is the ring finger of the left hand. The reason is linked to the ancient belief that the vena amoris, a vein connected directly to the heart, ran in this finger.
For a dream proposal, the setting plays a key role. The classic ritual question and the handing over of the engagement ring – strictly following an enthusiastic ‘yes’ – take on an even more special significance if they are set in a romantic, scenic context or one particularly linked to the couple’s history. Every time one’s gaze rests on the ring, memories of that magical moment will resurface.
From the wedding day onwards, the promise ring will accompany the wedding ring. It would be preferable to choose the same material for the wedding band as for the engagement ring so as to maintain aesthetic consistency.

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