Alessandro Bucchi
Marketing & Communication Manager
6月 2022

The first six months of 2022 passed like a flash. The feeling that time is running faster is certainly due to the restoration of pre-pandemic rhythms of life. Yet another proof that the passage of time is a relative element that is perceived differently from person to person, depending on the psychological condition in which they find themselves. This also applies to companies that are made up of people. Our time now seems to run like a sprinter, explosive, elastic, dynamic, but only because we still have in mind the dilated, dull and tired time of the 2020-2021 biennium. The goal is to keep up with the marathon runner, that sustained and constant pace that allows you to travel long distances. Summer certainly helps to catch your breath, stock up on energy and start running again with new suggestions and fresh ideas, matured in the sun of the months that await us. We will provide you with a series of tips on how to best approach your vacation with the watch on your wrist, hoping it will mark a carefree time.

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