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8月 2021

Watches and jewellery for Gala dinner

What to wear to a gala? How to dress to impress without any faux pas in etiquette? Finding the perfect outfit for a gala (even a dinner) is not as hard as you might think. The dress code for these occasions is actually well-established, leaving little room for imagination, especially for men. Elegance is paramount, but beyond that, everything must be considered in detail. Everything must match impeccably, including your choice of jewellery, watch, and other accessories.

Dinner gala: how to get dressed

The appropriate evening wear for a gala will be defined clearly in the invitation. In most cases, the instructions will be quite detailed; you absolutely must follow the dress code. For men, there are generally three types of suits for a gala evening, which will be indicated in the invitation. You may encounter a “Black Tie” gala, where black-tie attire is welcome – a short, polite way of saying a tuxedo is required. A “White Tie” evening, on the other hand, calls for tailcoats, which are widely used for embassy receptions, state dinners, and so on. Finally, you may be invited to a “Creative Black Tie” event, which leaves more room for imagination.
As for women, there are specific guidelines: the dress for a gala evening must be full-length, strictly monochrome, fitted, and no plunging necklines. Shoulders should stay covered for at least the first part of the evening. Only for a Creative Black-Tie dinner gala can you be more daring.

Watches and jewellery for Gala dinner

Watches and jewellery for a gala evening

Where to find Patek Philippe watches in the heart of Milan? Where to buy a Rolex in Milan? These are not unusual questions for those who are getting ready to attend a gala evening in the Ambrosian city. The watch is actually essential to enhancing an elegant outfit like a tuxedo or a tailcoat: those looking for an accent piece can look at the Portofino model by IWC, for example, which is adorned with set diamonds, while those who want an accent for the sable suit can choose from the selection of wonderful all-black models by Patek Philippe.

As for jewellery, it is always good to aim for utmost refinement. These accessories must not be excessively showy. They should be light for the most complex outfits and embellish more sober attire. For particularly elaborate gala evening dresses (we’re thinking of the décolleté of flashier gala dresses), not wearing a necklace may be a good choice, whereas earrings are always essential to highlight your face. Bracelets are a must if you aren’t wearing a necklace with your outfit.

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