Patek Philippe
Alessandro Bucchi
Marketing & Communication Manager
2月 2022

February 2022

We have left behind two difficult years. For Pisa Orologeria, as for others, 2020 has been an annus horribilis, we have adapted to the continuous challenges with the strength of a structure able to flexibly adapt to external stresses. We faced 2021 with caution, reorganising internally, working one day at a time, reaching unexpected results that make us satisfied and proud. We face 2022 with more confidence, a renewed team and new energy to be able to spend at the service of our customers. This year Pisa will continue to evolve, you will find out month by month, I do not want to anticipate anything… one of these developments, small but interesting for us, is precisely the blog that you are viewing and that we decided to update. It all starts with a very simple concept: to transfer online the wealth of knowledge represented by our staff. In other words, a “diffused editorial staff”, which allows to harmonize as much as possible the off-line side with the on-line side of Pisa Orologeria. Here you will find, in addition to in-depth analysis on watchmaking, also small ideas on life-style, trends that cross the world of timepieces and jewellery, as well as news concerning our sector and all those with which it has affinities. We invite you to suggest ideas for investigation or topics to be explored in greater depth: as always, it is you, customers and enthusiasts, who dictate our agenda.

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