Savelli was born from a dream: a revolutionary Maison of fine jewellery, combining technology with masterly craftsmanship.

Savelli is the first luxury smartphone handmade in Switzerland as though it were a piece of fine jewellery. In their atelier, master jewellers embed at the heart of the smartphone precious stones, sculpt the pink gold and hand-polish all the elements that compose it.

A smartphone dedicated to the female universe in every detail. The collection, Jardin Secret, includes eleven models of Italian design and flowing style.

Each sinuous curve is inspired by Line of Grace, iconic symbol of the Brand, an aesthetic concept of timeless beauty reinterpreted by Savelli.

It is a perfect harmony of advanced technology and crafts savoir-faire.

Savelli uses smartphone technology with Google Android™ operating system. The most popular and daily use applications are pre-installed on each model.