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Vacheron Constantin Overseas: the sports watch par excellence

Vacheron Constantin Overseas was born in 1977 with the name “222”, as the years that the Geneva-based manufacturer celebrated in those years. It was the classic steel sports watch, a model that dominated in those years.

Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin 2305V/000R-B077
Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin 4600V/200R-B979
Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin 4605V/200R-B968

The Overseas collection, however, was officially born in 1996, and was renewed for the first time in 2004, before being completely revolutionized in 2016, when Vacheron Constantin created a stylistic and conceptual bond with the first 222: five models, twelve references. and three new in-house calibers; each model has obtained the Geneva Seal and is characterized by a design that marks a step forward not only compared to the first version, but also compared to the one it replaces.

The latest version of Vacheron Constantin Overseas sees the redesigned hexagonal case, with a reduced thickness, with new proportions between case and bracelet, perfectly integrated with each other, and with a quick release system to replace the bracelet with a rubber or leather one.

The size of the case varies from 37mm for the Petite Modele model to 42.4mm for the Overseas Chronograph, passing through the 40mm and 41mm for the Ultra-slim and Ultra-slim Perpetual Calendar.

With a thickness of 11mm and 13.7mm, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas and Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph maintain the closest bond with the original Overseas, in terms of aesthetic impact. The spiritual heir of the 222, however, is the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-slim, which together with the Perpetual Calendar version is equipped with the 2.75Hz automatic 1120 family calibers, with a 40-hour charge.