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Piaget Altiplano, the thinnest dress watch in the world

Piaget has always stood out in the world of watchmaking for its ultra-thin movements, and the Piaget Altiplano is no exception, representing the thinnest mechanical wristwatch in the world.


The record was set in 2018 by the Altiplano 910P, whose case thickness measures just 3.65 mm. With a diameter of 38 mm, the Piaget Altiplano is the perfect dress watch. Its minimal design completely revolutionised watchmaking, with no less than five patents registered to its name.

Its stunning slenderness was obtained by fusing the baseplate of the movement, case and bezel into one single component, made from an ultra-resistant cobalt alloy. All tolerances have been reduced to a minimum: the glass, for example, is just 0.2 mm thick.

The movement’s architecture avoids the use of bridges, and the single piece balance wheel pivots directly on the case back. Thus, the balance wheel, interior ring of the ball bearing mechanism and roller form an indivisible whole, with the hairspring being positioned beneath the balance wheel itself. Despite its wafer-thin dimensions, the Piaget Altiplano has a power reserve of 40 hours, comparable with many standard movement timepieces.

The crown was also completely reengineered to be flat, telescopic and perfectly recessed into the edge of the case. An endless screw replaced the traditional winding pinion gear and associated crown wheel.

The hour and minute display is integrated directly into the thickness of the movement, with the traditional hour hand replaced by a rotating disc with a pointer, whilst the minute hand works in the traditional manner.

This timepiece is finished with a strap in alligator leather or ultra-thin fabric (just 1.5 mm).

The Piaget Altiplano can be ordered in store as part of our bespoke customisation service, whereby customers can choose from a range of options enabling more than 10,000 potential configurations.