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Aurora: pens from Turin, writing the history of the Made In Italy label

Born in 1919 in Turin, the Aurora brand immediately became synonymous with luxury pens: timeless pieces which are beautiful yet robust, as only Made in Italy knows how.

Together with Montegrappa, Aurora was one of the first Italian producers of fine fountain pens, and the two continue to jostle for first place even today. Aurora has always set great store in the outstanding quality of its workmanship, using exclusive materials to create pieces with great stylistic impact.

Initially Aurora focused on American-inspired models, but true success came in 1927 with the Duplex series, a historic and highly acclaimed pen that still features on many a collector’s wish list.

But without a doubt, the most iconic and highly sought-after model is the Aurora Ethiopia: a very simple eyedropper filled fountain pen, created to commemorate the Abyssinian campaign. The pen was designed to be able to work in the desert, its high technical specifications enabling it to guarantee outstanding performance even in extreme conditions.

Other historic models from the brand include the Novum, the Hastil, the Optima and the 88. Indeed, these last two are still in production today, albeit having undergone a degree of restyling.

Some of Aurora’s most recent models are the Ipsilon pen and the Talentum, both available in a range of materials and colours.

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