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Swiss Kubik: 100% Swiss-made watch winder boxes

Anyone who owns a self-winding mechanical watch is aware of how essential it is to activate the watch mechanism to ensure that the gears are in motion. However, sometimes it happens that you cannot wear your watch and in this case, it can be useful to have a watch winder box.

Among these, the Swiss Kubik watch winder boxes stand out, rotor boxes for automatic watches, 100% Swiss Made, because they were designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Geneva.

Cube-shaped Swiss Kubik boxes have a minimalist design. When the clock is placed in the central slot, the mechanism rotates it, alternating 45 cycles clockwise and another 45 revolutions counter-clockwise, each of 20 rotations.

Between one cycle and the next, the rotor pauses for 16 minutes in a vertical position, i.e. the initial one. The rotation program is repeated completely every 24 hours and allows the box to perform a total rotation number equal to 1,800.

The Swiss Kubik collections include the modern Starbox, characterised by fresh colours, straight lines and a super minimalist style, and the Masterbox, which can be endlessly customised with the finest material, from wood to carbon fibre.