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Swiza: customizable luxury table clocks

Swiza is a Swiss maison specialized, since 1904, in luxury table clocks. Over 100 years of experience in creating, designing and developing fine quartz movements make Swiza the largest table clock manufacturer in Switzerland, also thanks to many brands that choose it to build their collection.

Swiza 210914/203
Swiza 962471/001
Swiza 962471/101

Swiza’s business began in the late twentieth century, when the brand began designing its own quartz movement, establishing itself as one of the first watchmaking industries to bring a Swiss-made quartz movement to life. Today, in the modern Delemont factory, Swiza produces more than 40,000 watches: the different work groups employed in the process are able to create mechanical and quartz movements from start to finish.

In recent years, the brand has focused on producing personalized luxury watches for corporate gifts. Customization ranges from laser engraving to the possibility of choosing the coating of the watches, which can be in leather, carbon fibre, lacquered colours and so on.