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Scatola del Tempo: the watch winder par excellence

Scatola del Tempo was born from a passion: Sandro Colarieti’s passion for his watches. In 1989, Colarieti created his new business from the boxes he had created to keep his watches, making a small series of rotors for himself and his friends.

A great admirer and collector of Patek Philippe watches, he presented his invention to the Swiss watchmaker in 1990, which after a year of testing decided to order five hundred rotors. Thus, thanks to this collaboration, Scatola del Tempo was born and soon became famous for collectors, who required new sizes and customisations.

The range expands to include boxes that can contain one, three, six pieces, up to dozens of watches.

Today the Scatola del Tempo manufacture creates entirely tailor-made boxes and in the most diverse materials, precious and innovative. To ensure a consistently sophisticated aesthetic and the highest level of customization, the Como house collaborates with designers and interior architects, who help to create spaces entirely dedicated to watches inside walk-in wardrobes, bedrooms, armoured rooms and so on.