Palmiero Jewellery Collection

Palmiero Jewellery was born in 1979, from the idea and skill of Carlo Palmiero, a goldsmith from Valenza. His ideas and hands give life to contemporary jewels that can be defined as real works of art, to be worn on the most important occasions.


Haute couture jewels made with diamonds and natural stones, with eccentric shapes and bold colours. Astonishing optical effects: materials merge to give life to a sinuous and fascinating sculptural element. The art of Palmiero Gioielli seems to come from a museum. It is to be fully admired and lived.

The combination of colours, the audacity in combining forms and materials: Palmiero Gioielli has unhinged all the canons of goldsmithing art. Attention moves from the centre to the entire creation. Beauty is on the whole, 360 degrees, in the roundness of harmony. This is how the entire surface of a jewel acquires its value. Precious, avant-garde, imaginative and fascinating: Palmiero jewels make you fall in love at first sight.

Palmiero Jewels in Milan

In its downtown boutique, Pisa Orologeria is the official retailer of Palmiero Jewels in Milan. From the most delicate to the most extravagant collections, the store’s highly qualified staff will guide customers in selecting the most suitable jewel. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings: all Carlo Palmiero jewellery has a universe to tell and expresses all its beauty through the femininity of every woman.