Patek Philippe


“… I always stroll the same streets of the city centre, from via S. Andrea, which is where I live, to via Manzoni, via Montenapoleone, and via Pietro Verri, and my eyes are popping out of my head because Mr Pisa, in order for me to have a watch that is more beautiful than any other, is manufacturing something that no longer has either name or form …”.

Giorgio Soavi

The passion for watches, which has always characterized the Pisa family, led Ugo Pisa to imagine, experiment and re-create. This particular interest of his led him, when watchmaking manufactures allowed it, to deconstruct a watch, disassembling its parts, to re-create an object better representing the interest and tastes of his customers.
His creative passion for watches today has led Maristella and Chiara Pisa to present a collection of jewellery with the Pisa Orologeria signature: a tribute to Time that summarizes its essence.

Ideally, the Lancette collection represents the bright stars of the Pisa Universe, which from the centre of Montenapoleone reach the deepest outer space.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, projecting the Lancette against a very dark night sky will be able to see the brightness and grasp the time. 

“The Lancette collection expresses that passion for timepieces that has always driven my family. The watch hands, in Italian” lancette”, represent the Time indicators par excellence; these pendants are worn around the neck, and rest near the heart, the engine of emotions, capturing the moments of joy, of pleasure but also, at times, of boredom.”

Maristella Pisa