De Grisogono Jewellery Collection

De Grisogono Jewellery is synonymous with absolute perfection. Innovation and ingenuity are the guidelines and inspiring principles of the Swiss brand, which, over time, has managed to amaze and delight its customers. 26 years of research have become today the embodiment of design, elegance and creativity. It all started in 1993, when Fawaz Gruosi, a vibrant and visionary artist, gave life to his artisan workshop. For him, the concept of jewellery overcomes the limits of the known, opening up new venues of interpretation. This is how the first Luxury Jewellery masterpieces were born, unique pieces made in limited edition, finished to the smallest detail.


De Grisogono Jewellery is all precious things that cannot be confined in any way. The skilled hands of the goldsmiths of the Geneva Jewellery House combine the rarest and most intriguing gems with contemporary, irreverent and extraordinarily unconventional designs. The result is unique, difficult to capture with words. It is a marvel to be enjoyed on fingers, wrists and around the neck.


De Grisogono jewels are works of art. For his creations, Fawaz Gruosi has always preferred unconventional materials. He has an acute aesthetic sensitivity and works in an impulsive and intuitive manner. Black, icy and white opalescent diamonds, gold in all its shades, refined ceramics and gems: his mind creates jewels beyond conventions and clichés, without limits, with verve and spirit. Jewels that seduce and excite at first glance. The De Grisogono rings, just like bracelets and necklaces, not to mention De Grisogono earrings and watches, become immediately attuned to the woman who wears them. The bold shapes and pulsating colors enhance femininity in an innovative way, without ever compromising elegance and craftsmanship.


De Grisogono Jewels in Milan, only at Pisa Orologeria

Pisa Orologeria is the official dealer of De Grisogono Jewellery in Milan. On the Via Montenapoleone store, you can find a wide selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches. Lovers of beautiful things will find here a treasure chest of wishes, delving into one of the world’s most prestigious Luxury Jewellery Houses.


De Grisogono Gioielli is seduction in its purest forms.