De Bethune in Milan

De Bethune

 A Swiss workshop of artisans who, with extreme care and attention, create watches of unique elegance. This is how De Bethune showcases itself: by specialising in the production of luxury watches that tell a story. And they do it meticulously, to boot. Research and innovation, technical skills and aesthetics: these are the guiding principles that inspire De Bethune every day.


Essential style, minimalist lines and graceful cases are the inimitable distinctive sign of De Bethune watches.

De Bethune is another name for “eighteenth-century great master watchmakers”.


De Bethune: unique watches


Since its inception, the Swiss House steadfastly pursued an original approach to classic watchmaking. With the philosophy of doing “not more, but better”, De Bethune created elegant and unique watches of extraordinary aesthetic value. Timepieces that express all the excellence of this timeless and extraordinary art.


All the components of De Bethune watches are designed and produced individually, with special attention to detail and technology.


De Bethune in Milan, at Pisa Orologeria


In its Flagship Store on Via Verri 7, Pisa Orologeria is the official retailer of De Bethune watches in Milan. At the store, a highly specialised staff guides customers in selecting the piece that best suits their needs of distinction and elegance. Furthermore, after-sales service assistance is a guarantee of reliability and quality.


Among the luxury watch brands in Milan, De Bethune stands as a point of excellence, because it seeks inspiration from the past to re-invent it. De Bethune is the locus where contemporary expression and tradition meet, giving life to undiluted works of art.

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