Luxury Watches' Brands

Partner of the most prestigious Brands, Pisa is closely monitoring the evolution of the sector, with an attentive eye on novelties.

The careful choice of Manufactures they represent and their commercial insights have created a reality that lives in symbiosis with the brands distributed, to the point of giving birth to a strong empathy.
The Flagship Store in via Verri houses the best Brands of Haute Horlogerie, from the A as for Audemars Piguet to the Z as for Zenith: over 40 prestigious Brands that represent the elite of the watchmaking world, worldwide, as well as the best “underground” brands around.
The search for watchmaking Maisons is part of Pisa history. Ugo Pisa has always promoted it, bringing to Milan unknown brands, and above all models that represented a break with the dominant taste. He recognized their quality and technical mastery even before they became names of excellence.

“Each watch will appeal to a different kind of enthusiast: one may prefer complications and have a strong passion for watchmaking technology, one might prefer the aesthetics, having a more hedonistic approach, and one may be simply attracted to the brand. Each timepiece not only reflects a way of being and of living one’s life, it also speaks about culture and a knowledge of watchmaking that goes way back: this is the difference between them, as well as their hidden value.”
Chiara Pisa