Boucheron Collection: rings, necklaces and bracelets

In 1858 Frèdèric Boucheron, ambitous inovator, opens his own boutique in the Valois gallery inside the Palais-Royal. The brand rapidly became successful and a reference point for the Parisian customers ate the time.

In 1893, Boucheron is the first maison of high jewelley in the Place Vendome number 26, the heart of grand luxury where it still resides today.

Each collection takes inspiration from the values and history of the brand, boasting a continuously modernism. Boucheron mantains great attention in the choice of materials to be used in their collections: precious stones, exotic materials, lapislazzuli, corals, hematite. The jewels appear to “come to life” thanks to the masters of the craftsman and the precious workmanship.

Each creation enchoses the excellence of the stones held within the materials used to sculpt them, capturing light crystallizing emotion. Each piece is not a simple jewel but a celebration of interior beauty and grace. Boucheron represented excellence in high-end jewellery from over 160 years.