Pisa Orologeria Time to Time

October 2022
Alessandro Bucchi
Marketing & Communication Manager

After re-launching HYT on the Italian market, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Krayon. Both independent brands with a high technical rate and exclusivity, they may consider each other’s antithesis but as a pair they represent perhaps the two extremes of watchmaking.
On the one hand is the more avant-garde interpretation that pushes the boundaries of watchmaking even beyond mechanics with the goal of making a timepiece out of the ordinary in every respect; a true extraterrestrial object. On the other hand, Krayon that declines the watch in a formula strongly anchored in tradition, closely connected to the mechanical element and the finissage.
Both brands enter the Italian market exclusively through our door and we are happy and honored to be able to present them to our audience. Not only to those who will decide to buy them, a lucky few because the number of watches produced per year is very small, but also to all enthusiasts interested in discovering watches out of the ordinary. Giving everyone the chance to cross the threshold of our stores to see and try on their wrist unique creations that are hard to find elsewhere is one of our goals, a service that goes beyond sales and makes us proud of our work.


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