Patek Philippe
Alessandro Bucchi
Marketing & Communication Manager
May 2023

May 2023

The watchmaking world is going through a particularly lively period in terms of both production and communication.
It is therefore difficult to condense six months of great change into a few pages. We try with our magazine, Time To Time, to explore not only the world that is closest to us, that of the watch, but also sectors that are close relatives of watchmaking.

Indeed, we firmly believe that one passion does not exclude another; on the contrary, cultivating one often leads to discovering others. The result is rewarding and stimulating, it allows one to enrich one’s knowledge not only from a didactic point of view but, and this is perhaps the most important aspect, also in terms of friendships. One of our ambitions is precisely to be connectors of experience and opportunity for those who frequent our boutiques, to keep our roots firmly planted in watchmaking but to reach beyond the confines of our daily horizon. In this, not only our professional partners but also, and above all, our customers are an inexhaustible source of new and different stimuli that we also want to bring to life through Time To Time.

We therefore invite you to drop by one of our boutiques, have a chat with our consultants, admire (and perhaps buy) some watches and pick up your copy of Time To Time

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