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Lucrezia Bernocchi
Marketing & Communication
March 2022

The best jewellery to buy in early 2022

Colourful, precious, versatile, jewellery is preparing to become the big star of 2022: no longer just simple ornaments, but real key points to enhance any outfit, giving light and highlighting the complexion.

At the top of the wish list, as usual, is the most coveted and loved gemstone: the diamond. Traditional cuts make way for different shapes with attractive designs (emerald, teardrop, oval etc.) emphasising the sparkle of the diamond. The combination of stones of different cuts revolutionizes classic jewellery by offering high-impact jewellery regardless of carat. This trend is also involving the bridal sector: the engagement ring is moving away from the canon and traditional cuts to make room for shapes with character and unique settings. This suggestion is also offered by the panorama of celebrities with wedding proposals sealed with unique pieces and sought-after stones.

Jewellery 2022: the trends

The post-Covid period has led to a rediscovery of practicality, an aspect that has influenced both fashion and jewellery, with a preference for comfortable models such as, for example, the elasticated mesh tennis bracelets of the Pisa Diamanti collection. Functional and versatile bracelets, ideal for a mix and match between the various colour palettes of fancy diamonds. Cascades of diamonds adorning the neck, wrist and fingers are the key investment of the season: timeless precious objects to be handed down and treasured forever. Brands such as Messika have long since cleared the way for the concept of versatility, offering precious creations that are easy to wear in everyday life: the “Move” collection with its mobile diamonds is a perfect example.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, bangles are still very much in vogue: rigid bracelets that can be mixed and matched or worn alone. Just think of the iconic design of Chaumet‘s “Bee My Love” line and its rigid bracelets, available in all variations of gold with and without diamonds. The same concept applies to Chopard‘s “Happy Hearts” collection which, with its enamelled hearts, has made the bangle a timeless design.

Another 2022 jewellery trend is the reference to nature as a favourite and recurring theme in High Jewellery creations: animals, plants and elements of the surrounding environment become the subject and ornament of unique pieces. Nature has been a recurring inspiration in jewellery since its beginnings: each historical period has interpreted it with different aesthetic canons, while maintaining its spirit as a pacifying force and bearer of balance. In contemporary times, Palmiero expresses this concept to the full, offering genuine works of art to wear. Stones of many colours adorn animals and plants, offering an exotic touch to classic jewellery.

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