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September 2021

History of Italian Gold Jewellery

The art of Italian goldsmithing is recognized all over the world, and Italian handcrafted jewels are the envy of many. Design, precious stones, creativity, and innovation: these are why our goldsmithing stands out. Italian jewels have undoubtedly come a long way through artisans who have their roots in centuries and millennia of tradition. Let’s take a look at the history of Italian goldsmithing.

History of Italian goldsmithing

The history of the Italian goldsmithing dates back to Ancient Rome. Then, cities like Torre del Greco were famous for coral processing. However, we can find even older examples of refined artwork by goldsmiths: just take a look at the exhibitions on Etruscan goldsmithing art, where you can find countless, carefully crafted brooches, bracelets, necklaces, buckles, and rings. Moreover, goldsmithing techniques of that period were not only used for jewellery as we know it today, but also on swords, daggers, and shields, which were often quite refined.

The processing methods for metals and precious gems gradually improved over time, leading up to the masterpieces of the Renaissance. In that period, Florence became the focal point for gold and silver processing. This tradition of craftsmanship was passed down from generation to generation, from courtyard to courtyard, until the twentieth century, when Italian goldsmithing skyrocketed and became a global leader of this industry. In the first decades of the last century, goldsmithing was finally considered an art form, starting with liberty style jewels on to the modernist style of art deco jewels, which were characterized by balance and great refinement.

History of Italian Gold Jewellery
History of Italian Gold Jewellery

During the economic boom that followed the Second World War, the big names of Italian jewellery were born. These included masterpieces by Arnaldo and Giò Pomodoro, as well as by Nino Franchina, Afro Basaldella, and Franco Cannilla. Rome’s Bulgari Maison put out a selection of jewels that quickly became iconic. It is thanks to Italian goldsmithing that jewellery has reached the heights it has today, as small artworks we can show off every day. Come and visit us at our salon to see the best Italian Jewellery in Milan.

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