Alessandro Bucchi
Marketing & Communication Manager
March 2022

Hublot Orlinski: when art is worn on the wrist

The Hublot Orlinski watch was designed by the Swiss company in collaboration with France’s best-selling artist: here are the features of this unique timepiece.

Where to start? From the case, which is made of ceramic “sculpted” in the sculptural style of Richard Orlinski, and which alone entails no small amount of construction work. This technical and artistic collaboration has already led to the creation of several watches, all with the same unmistakable DNA: an alchemy of facets, materials and colours that make each Hublot-Orlinski timepiece a small work of contemporary art on the wrist. And rest assured that such a case, at 45mm, does not go unnoticed, as it should.

Hublot Orlinski: a tidy mess

While the case is in itself an unusual and fascinating work of design, the dial is a spider’s web of bridges created by a modern skeleton whose components dialogue with each other in a game of perspective leaps and bounds that creates a singular rational disorder. And it is precisely this “ordered disorder” that captures our gaze, challenging our brain to mentally “reconstruct” the movement, pushing us to fix our attention on this tiny and intricate world where everything has a reason for being, a precise purpose. We therefore pay attention to details of the movement that we do not normally notice but which, in agreement with all the others, contribute to the correct functioning of the watch.

We can therefore admire the spring in the barrel, observe the winding gears and those that regulate the hands. The hands themselves, rigorously dauphine in keeping with the faceted theme of the case, seem to float above this microscopic metal labyrinth. Following the sharp lines of the bridges, we come to discover the tourbillon cage, an element that enhances the aesthetics of this dial with one of the most iconic improvements in haute horlogerie.

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