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January 2021

Cufflinks for men

Shirt cufflinks have been regaining their place in men’s clothing in recent years. Indeed, if for some years these elegant accessories had risked ending up in oblivion – as if wedding cufflinks were the only kind – we are now reliving a welcome return of cufflinks for men of various types and materials, from gold cufflinks to those in steel, or sometimes even fabric.

It is therefore normal for many people to wonder how to choose cufflinks for men’s shirts, which models to select, on which shirts to wear them and even where to buy shirt cufflinks, for a wedding and for many other occasions. We can obviously answer this last question immediately: the right places to buy cufflinks for men are jewellers and watch maker’s, based on the assumption that only cufflinks from the best brands are a true guarantee of elegance and style.

The choice of the shirt for cufflinks

Before looking at how to choose cufflinks for men, it is good to understand what the right shirt for cufflinks is. To wear these accessories, it is necessary to have a shirt with cuffs for cufflinks, that is, a shirt with French cuffs, or a ‘French cuff shirt’. These are double cuffs, which are folded over themselves and then closed with the cufflinks.

To facilitate things, and to allow you to wear cufflinks even in situations that are not excessively formal – so you are not limited to tuxedo studs for example – cufflink shirts with simple cuffs have also been introduced, that have buttonholes but not buttons. It is thus possible to wear cufflinks without necessarily having French cuffs.

Cufflinks for men
Cufflinks for men

Choosing shirt cufflinks

The choice of cufflinks for men must start with that of the material: ideally this should be matched with the material of other accessories, such as the belt buckle or the watch. To wear gold cufflinks, for example, it would therefore be necessary to have another gold accessory to match, diamond cufflinks with another diamond accessory and so on.

As for the types of cufflinks, it is possible to choose between the simplest bars, held together by a rigid rod, the most elegant with a chain and, finally, the most common, the Torpedo cufflinks, with clips.

Whether you are looking for gold cufflinks or silver ones, personalised cufflinks with your initials, wedding cufflinks or cufflinks for a child, our watch maker’s in Milan is ready to help you choose, starting with the Made in Italy Pisa Diamond cufflinks, pieces of truly exclusive craftsmanship.

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