Over the years, Pisa Orologeria has developed from being a service centre dedicated to the maintenance and repair of clocks and watches, to sales of High Range watches with a customer assistance laboratory and the sales of accessories.

In order to ensure a complete service to its customers, Pisa offers a wide range of accessories and complements for enthusiasts who wish to customize their own watch.
Next to original watch straps of the brands available in the store, there is a very wide range of handmade craft straps, custom made to size, in various materials, colours and finishes, for those clients who wish to personalize their exclusive way of wearing a watch.

For those who want their own collection always ready at hand, Pisa offers a wide range of watch winders that not only secure but also charge automatic watches. 

The limit to personalization is only the client’s imagination.
Other accessories complete the offer, such as maintenance tools, various types of lenses – including the newest Loupe for smartphone – table and wall clocks that add value to customer experience.